Testing & Commissioning

GCCC offers testing services for electrical plants during pre-testing, witness testing stage by implementing the testing & commissioning procedures & protocols.Our group of highly qualified engineers has years of experience and expertise in the test and start-up, and in general, in the commissioning of electrical facilities along with the knowledge in sustainable testing process and procedures.

GCCC provides test and start-up services for the following system / facilities:
• Low, Medium and High Voltage Power Systems
• Substations (up to 500kV AC/DC)
• Generators or Generating Stations (e.g. Hydro, Solar, Gas, etc.)
• Circuit Breaker Testing, Maintenance and Retrofits (up to 500kV)
• Transformer Testing/Analysis & Repair
• Switchgear & Motor Control Maintenance/Retrofits
• Generator /Exciter Test & Maintenance

GCCC is committed to becoming the world class leading EPC Contractor with high standards.

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