Construction & Erection Management

GCCC provides wide-range civil, electro-mechanical and mechanical construction / installation facilities where appropriate reporting and handling site activities are ensured.provide a complete construction and commissioning service to our clients, which allows us to leverage the natural synergy that exists.

This approach provides many benefits, not least cost, quality and timeline risk mitigation, but also safety and environment.
• Cost risk mitigation – as the single service provider we reduce cost and eliminate possible variations that can occur due to one contractor delaying another
• Quality risk mitigation – the scope boundary interface between installation and commissioning is removed, thus eliminating possible "holes" between the two scopes
• Timeline risk mitigation - the site program is streamlined and teamwork is increased due to our inter-discipline cooperation
• Safety and environment risk management - the site works are coordinated with a uniform approach to safety and environmental management, ensuring clear understanding of the site hazards and environmental requirements by all workers.

GCCC is committed to becoming the world class leading EPC Contractor with high standards.

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